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Karcher K5 Premium Ecologic Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K5 Premium Ecologic Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

Karcher K5 Premium Ecologic Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer is long life and comes with aluminium pump head. It has Eco rotary switch that will reduce water and energy by twenty percent. Further it comes with fast connect system that is especially for high pressure hose.

Users will find Plug ‘n’ Clean system that is for convenient and quick changeover between varying kinds of detergents. It can draw water from even static water sources like bucket, pond, or water butt. This is because it is provided with filter and suction hose.

Karcher K5 Premium Ecologic Home

With K5 Premium users will get a five year warranty. Each piece of Kärcher K5 Premium has been tested prior to being out for sale. This product combines energy and power efficiency by making use of its induction motor that is water-cooled resulting in longer life and exceptional performance.

This machine comes with Eco switch that will help users reduce consumption of water and energy. It is supplied with an eight-metre hose that is phthalate free and can be stored neatly always. The credit for this goes to in-built practical reel, 2 lances perfect for multitude of cleaning jobs, quick connect premium gun, splash free large surface areas cleaning,

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The Karcher Ecologic System


Karcher K5 Premium Ecologic Home Water-Cooled

T250 Patio T-racer, and Ecologic Universal detergent that you can apply for cleaning tasks via patented plug in addition to clean detergent system. All these accessories can easily be stored on the unit directly keeping them within reach all the time. The washers in this device can be used for harvested or static water sources like water butt.

You can either draw water into machine via standard hose that is connected to water butt tap using filter and suction hose or can purchase it separately. The designing of this tool has been done keeping in mind wide range of jobs that can be done using this device such as cleaning of patios, walls, fences, garden furniture, bicycles, cars, decking, and large to medium sized places around home.

Alfred Harper

Alfred Harper is a former consultant and product expert at a company producing cleaning equipment. He was working at this position for more than 10 years and has gained incredible experience and knowledge as he has tested almost all pressure washers brands and models and became an expert in this field. Now, he is writing reviews and how-to articles about different pressure washers and makes a great contribution to the Petrol Pressure Washers company to help people to choose the best cleaning equipment for home use.

Alfred Harper