Rinsing agent is also suitable as a cleaning agent for pressure washers

In a pressure washer, rinsing agent develops a foaming effect that is unsuitable for most cleaning tasks. In low doses, it can also be used as a cleaning agent in a pressure washer. However, it is not really suitable. It is better to use it separately, which in turn can have amazing success.

Washing-up liquid takes effect at high pressure

Rinsing agent is designed to neutralise the surface tension of water through its foaming surfactants. This property is not needed in a pressure washer. The extreme foaming effect when dishwashing detergent is moved quickly and a lot can have a counterproductive effect.

The surfaces to be cleaned no longer come into contact with the purpose of high-pressure cleaning, which is enormous pressure. Foam reduces the water pressure, combined with the effect of surfactants, and in this way works against the working principle of high pressure.

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Effective use of high pressure and rinsing agent

The principle of cleaning a drain with washing-up liquid and hot water can be extended and refined with a high-pressure cleaner.

Heavily soiled surfaces and pipes are generously soaked or covered with washing-up liquid. The water jet of the high-pressure cleaner, set to a high temperature, “catches” the rinsing water, which has been partially deprived of surface tension by the surfactants, at the “weakest” moment. With clear water and high pressure, the dirt wetted with detergent slides and slides off.

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Similar problems as in the dishwasher

Dishwashing detergent develops a similarly contrary behaviour, or rather incorrect and inappropriate cleaning behaviour, in the dishwasher. The swirling and rapid agitation during the rinsing process causes the formation of foam to get out of hand. Apart from the reduced or non-existent cleaning effect, the dishwasher “overflows” with foam.

Tradesmen and professionals in the cleaning trade almost always use only clear hot water in a pressure washer, except for some special types of dirt, and apply detergent to the objects to be cleaned.

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Adding detergent to the tank of your pressure washer will also increase the level of dirt in the water-carrying components of the unit. Nozzles and pipes become clogged with soapy foam residues. After working with rinsing agent, you should rinse with clear water for a relatively long time to remove the residues.

Alfred Harper

Alfred Harper

Alfred Harper is a former consultant and product expert at a company producing cleaning equipment. He was working at this position for more than 10 years and has gained incredible experience and knowledge as he has tested almost all pressure washers brands and models and became an expert in this field. Now, he is writing reviews and how-to articles about pressure washers and makes a great contribution to the Pressure Washers company to help people to choose the best cleaning equipment for home use.

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