Best Pressure Washers for Bikes

It’s so easy to clean your bike with a pressure washer! Our instructions show how and include helpful tips.

Even the most stubborn dirt comes off under pressure. That’s why the pressure washer is a good alternative for cleaning your bike.

Below is a list of the Best Pressure Washers for Bikes in UK

While it is only permitted to wash your car with a pressure washer under strict legal regulations, there are usually no legal restrictions on washing your bike with a pressure washer. To be on the safe side, however, check with your local municipality about possible regulations. There are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your bicycle survives the cleaning process well:

  • Before you clean your bicycle with the pressure washer, make sure it stands firmly. To do this, lean it against a wall or tree or secure it in a bicycle holder.
  • Work at 20 bar. If your pressure washer does not allow such a low pressure, keep enough distance from the bike. Too much pressure could damage the paint and any stickers. Start with a larger distance and slowly feel your way forward. If you feel that the dirt is not coming off, you can always reduce the distance. Use the flat spray nozzle of the pressure washer to create the softest possible jet with which to clean your bike. Do not aim the jet directly at bearings and seals. You could otherwise inadvertently force water and dirt into them and accelerate wear.
  • Do not use a high-pressure cleaner when cleaning the bicycle chain. Sensitive parts such as the chain could be damaged under the pressure.

5 Best Pressure Washers for Bikes

In this guide, I reviewed the 5 best pressure washers for bikes. I compared water pressure, machine weight, flow and cost to give you my best recommendations.

Pressure Washers for Bikes

WORX WG630E.1 18V (20V MAX) 4.0Ah Cordless Brushless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner

3 new from £179.99
4 used from £167.39
Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 5:49 pm


  • Brushless motor delivers more power and extended run time
  • High flow rate provides Double cleaning efficiency
  • High mobility cordless pressure washer can be used anywhere
  • Draw fresh water from any remote source
  • 5-In-1 pressure nozzle provides versatile for different jobs

Bosch 06008A7972 High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 120 (1500W, Home and Car Kit Included, Max. Flow Rate: 350l/h, in Cardboard Box) - Amazon Exclusive, Green, 37.5 cm*40.0 cm*20.0 cm

13 used from £101.19
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as of May 12, 2022 5:49 pm


  • The easy garden tools from Bosch – the handy helpers for small projects
  • Versatile cleaning performance: From stubborn dirt to every day cleaning tasks as the tool is compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Space-saving: Highly compact storage space as the washer hose can be secured to the body of the tool
  • Adjustable cleaning intensity: Tailor the size of spray and cleaning intensity level to effectively fit the task – from gentle rinse to the removal of stubborn dirt
  • Powerful cleaning around the home: Jet washer provides 350 litres of water an hour thanks to the powerful 1500 watt motor and 100 bar pressure

Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking - the solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks - incl. hose reel and Home-Kit

13 new from £384.95
6 used from £319.91
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as of May 12, 2022 5:49 pm


  • Note: UK Customer Support number 01295 234 020. NEW - Discover valuable tips from Kärcher experts with our Home & Garden App, such as the right pressure for your cleaning task - individually adapted to your device.
  • NEW - Cleaning has never been so smart. The right pressure for each cleaning task can be transferred from the app to your device via Bluetooth in no time at all - for the optimal cleaning result.
  • Extra power with Extra Boost - Even stubborn, stuck dirt is loosened in no time with the Boost mode. Activated via gun or app, it releases an additional 15 bar.
  • The powerful solution - The K 5 tackles a wide range of cleaning tasks on vehicles, garden tools, balcony and garden furniture, fences and paths, stairs and stone walls relaxed and effortlessly.
  • Scope of delivery: High-pressure cleaner with 180 Q Smart Control gun, 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray wand, Home-Kit (surface cleaner T 5, stone, and facade cleaner 3-in-1 1 l), 10 m high-pressure hose.

Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer, 1500 W, Amazon Exclusive

as of May 12, 2022 5:49 pm


  • High-performance 1500W motor delivers a max pressure of 110 BAR and max flow of 360L/H
  • Extremely compact design with integrated carrying handle
  • On-board storage for hose, trigger gun, and spray wand
  • External detergent bottle included
  • Amazon Exclusive

Black+Decker BXPW2000PE High Pressure Washer (2000 W, 140 bar, 440 l/h) with Patio Cleaner Deluxe and Fixed Brush

3 new from £163.48
1 used from £130.00
Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 5:49 pm


  • Pressure (bar) max. 140; rated power (kW) 2.0; flow rate (l/h) max. 440; inlet water temperature (°C) max. 50
  • The ideal high pressure washer for removing stubborn dirt from outdoor household surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture and equipment, bicycles, Motorbikes, cars, steps and swimming-pools
  • Complete with 8 accessories stowed on hooks on the back of the unit after use and convenient integral hose Reel with locking system
  • Patio Cleaner Deluxe Chem with built-in detergent tank, ideal for effortless, in-depth cleaning of large horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Click fast water inlet connection device with inspectable filter that traps dirt and guarantees perfect high power washer operation

Pressure washer for the bicycle: instructions

  1. Rinse off coarse dirt

    First treat the bicycle with clear water from the high-pressure cleaner to soak and loosen coarse dirt. Work with low pressure (20 bar is ideal) and a large distance. Do not hold directly on bearings and seals – the water running off is sufficient to loosen dirt here.Rinse off coarse dirt

  2. Apply cleaning agent

    Fill the foam nozzle with vehicle shampoo according to the operating instructions and attach it to the high-pressure cleaner. Now apply the cleaning agent to the bicycle. Leave out sensitive parts such as the bicycle chain and bearings. Use a soft brush to gently loosen stubborn dirt. For cleaning rims and gears, you can also use a harder brush. Apply cleaning agent

  3. Rinse and dry off

    Remove the cleaning agent with the high-pressure cleaner and rinse the bicycle with clean water. Then dry it thoroughly. Pay special attention to seals and other places where water could stand to prevent corrosion.
    Rinse and dry off

  4. Oil moving parts

    Finally, oil the moving parts such as the bicycle chain and bearings. Use a cloth to do this. This will prevent excess oil from sticking to the bicycle, where large amounts of dust and dirt could accumulate.Oil moving parts

How often should you clean your bicycle?

Give your bicycle a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer at regular intervals or as needed. Every few months is usually sufficient. If you clean your bicycle intensively too often, it can even be damaged in the worst case because, for example, the seals and bearings are attacked. Small amounts of dirt can remain on the bike without any problems. After a bike ride through mud, however, you should remove it immediately so that it does not dry out. Have a good ride!

Summary: Cleaning a bicycle with a pressure washer

  • You can wash your bike effortlessly and thoroughly with a pressure washer.
  • Make sure that the bicycle has a firm footing. Use low pressure (20 bar is ideal) and keep a sufficient distance.
  • Do not aim the water jet directly at bearings, seals and the bicycle chain.
  • Always wear your personal protective equipment when working according to the operating instructions.
  • First rinse off coarse dirt with water and then apply the cleaning agent with the high-pressure cleaner. Remove dirt with a soft brush. Then rinse the bike with clean water.
  • Dry the bike thoroughly after cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner. Finally, oil the moving parts.
  • Clean your bicycle thoroughly every few months if you use it frequently. In between, a rough cleaning and the removal of heavy dirt such as mud is usually sufficient. If you use it infrequently, one or two washes per year are also sufficient.


How often should I clean my bike?

You should not clean your bicycle too often. A thorough cleaning every two to three months is usually enough to keep it in optimal condition. If you clean too often, seals and bearings can wear out more quickly. Heavy dirt such as mud and slush, on the other hand, should be removed immediately so that it does not dry out.

Can you clean a bicycle with a pressure washer?

Yes, you can clean a bicycle with a pressure washer. It is important to set a pressure of about 20 bar and to keep a sufficient distance with the jet pipe. This way, even stubborn dirt can be removed thoroughly.

How do I clean my bicycle with a pressure washer?

Cleaning your bike with a pressure washer is easy. Be careful not to use too much pressure. About 20 bar is ideal with enough distance. You can compensate for too much pressure by increasing the distance. You should also make sure not to blast sensitive parts such as bearings, seals and chain directly and dry the bike thoroughly afterwards.

Which high-pressure cleaner is suitable for a bicycle?

Which high-pressure cleaner is suitable for a bicycle depends on its setting options. Ideally, the pressure can be regulated so that you can already set the low pressure on the pressure washer.

Where can you clean your bike?

Your local authority regulates where you are allowed to clean your bicycle. Cleaning a bicycle with a pressure washer is not always permitted on private property. Check with the relevant authority. Ideal locations are those where the bicycle can stand safely, such as against a wall, a tree or in a bicycle rack.

What can I use to clean the bicycle chain?

The best way to clean the bicycle chain is with a cloth. After you have cleaned your bicycle with a high-pressure cleaner and dried it, you can oil the bicycle chain with a cloth. This provides optimum care for the links and removes excess oil from the chain at the same time.

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