180 Bar Pressure Washers

The more pressure a pressure washer has, the faster you can clean large areas. This is because the water jet can be applied to a much larger area and still achieve a good cleaning result. Whereas a water jet from a pressure washer with lower pressure has to be used in a more focussed way, which means that the cleaning of the surface takes a lot longer.

In very few cases is a pressure of 180 bar required to remove stubborn dirt. In principle, 110 bar is sufficient for any kind of soiling, but the nozzle must then be held very close to the surface, which takes a long time to clean the entire surface in the case of large areas of soiling.

However, all the pressure (bar) is of no use if the litre capacity is not right. This often has a much greater influence than the pressure itself. Our recommendation is that a pressure washer with this high bar capacity should have a capacity of at least 500 litres per hour.

The list below should give you a quick overview of what you can clean with a 180 bar high pressure cleaner. Of course, you can also use the pressure washer for many other applications, which have not been listed here for reasons of space.

Suitable tasks:

Important: For many of the tasks listed above, the pressure must be reduced. After all, a wooden bench would not easily withstand the pressure of 180 bar. However, the pressure can also be regulated with the distance, but this is not an easy task at 180 bar. Therefore, when buying a pressure washer, make sure that the pressure can be sensibly regulated.

180 Bar Pressure Washers

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180 bar and what litre capacity?

We have already addressed this issue above, the minimum litre output should be 500 litres per hour. We recommend even more, namely 600 litres per hour as an appropriate output. When it comes to output, the more the better.

How much should I budget for a pressure washer with 180 bar?

If you are interested in such a pressure washer, you will certainly need it for very large areas or a very special field of application. Therefore, it does not make sense to give a general price recommendation. If you want to use the high pressure cleaner for commercial purposes, suitable devices often cost more than £1000 without many accessories.

This is because such pressure washer for commercial purposes are built much more robustly than normal pressure washers. You can get a “normal pressure washer” with 180 bar for 500£ or less. Another factor is whether you need a hot water function or special accessories. Such devices and or accessories can then quickly cost several thousand pounds.

What is a 180 bar pressure washer not suitable for?

If you can regulate the pressure washer steplessly or with sensibly selected pressure levels, this pressure washer is suitable for virtually all tasks. The right litre capacity is a prerequisite, of course.

However, if this regulation is not available or has been poorly implemented, as is the case with some devices that only offer high or low pressure, you should avoid cleaning your car, bicycle or wooden patio with this pressure. This is because the high pressure can quickly damage the paint or degrease the bearings of appliances.

Special features with so much pressure / bar

Safety note

If you decide to use a 180 bar pressure washer, you should be aware of its destructive power. Never leave the pressure washer unattended and do not use it when children are around. This is because the following injuries can occur:

  • Direct skin contact can cause bruises etc.
  • If the water jet hits the eye, blindness may result.
  • Bruises can occur even when using protective clothing

Most of the time you do not need the max. pressure level

Not every surface can withstand such a high pressure. That’s why you should take a look at our article: how much bar beforehand. There you can see for which task which pressure is best suited. When buying, make sure that the pressure washer can be regulated.

The max. pressure is not the same as the working pressure

The higher the maximum pressure, the higher the deviations from the working pressure. In practice, the working pressure is the real pressure. However, deviations of up to 20% are possible. There has been some feedback that the pressure is not as high as expected. However, this often only happens with very cheap devices.

Does it always have to be a Kärcher right away?

If you are looking for a cold water pressure washer, Kärcher models are often the first choice. You can buy them online for as little as 500 pounds incl. VAT, in combination with free delivery. This means you can get started straight away after waiting 2-3 days for delivery. Even with the basic models, everything is included, so a free jet pipe with nozzle is always included, so you can get started straight away.

However, there are many more models online that get a similar star rating as Kärcher pressure washers. Nilfisk and Wilks pressure washers are worth mentioning, but where Kärcher remains unbeaten is in the ease of use. In addition, Karcher devices do not weigh much (max. 20 kg), so they are easy to handle.

Alfred Harper
Alfred Harper

Alfred Harper is a former consultant and product expert at a company producing cleaning equipment. He was working at this position for more than 10 years and has gained incredible experience and knowledge as he has tested almost all pressure washers brands and models and became an expert in this field. Now, he is writing reviews and how-to articles about pressure washers and makes a great contribution to the Pressure Washers company to help people to choose the best cleaning equipment for home use.

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