How to Clean Concrete?

Concrete surfaces in our homes also need cleaning. Concrete cleaning has many options to choose from. This article will share with readers the numerous options in concrete cleaning, its advantages, and all you need to know about cleaning concrete.

Steaming technique

Steaming technique is a completely worry-free system for concrete cleaning. Unlike any other surface that can be harmed by a high steam temperature, concrete surfaces can with stand this quality of the steaming process as a whole. In this procedure for concrete cleaning, the machine heats up and the hot steam itself is injected into the concrete by the use of a brush or a pressure washer nozzle attachment. Through this steam procedure, germs are killed while the cleaning is underway. Though it is undoubtedly quite effective in removing molds and mildews, there are certain stains in your house that needs additional treatment that will be utilized to have a concrete pressure clean.

On the other hand, some steam pressure washer machines of high quality at around £300 – 1000 depending on the model and features, all you need to do is to choice a petrol pressure washer. Buying a pressure washer can be very simple if you know the main points to follow when choosing a pressure washer.

You need to determine the right pressure that you need as measured in psi. For example for removing greases, select a 2000 or a 3000 psi pressure washer. The next thing to do is determine the size of the project. Then buy a pressure washer that has a higher psi or gpm rate.

Ultrasonic technology

Concrete cleaning can also use the so-called Ultrasonic Technology. Ultrasonic technology in concrete cleaning uses micro and nano-silica or nano-tubes that lead to the improvements of a high performance concrete in terms of its strength. The benefits of using micro-silica in concrete are it minimizes material and energy costs. In addition, the application of silica technology in concrete cleaning is effective in mixing, wetting in cement, and concrete surfaces.

Water Jetting Equipment

Lastly, in concrete cleaning, a water jetting equipment can also be used. This system of concrete cleaning does not use harmful chemicals to remove old stripes from concrete. Instead, it uses a high pressure water sprayer that help the concrete surface for new stripping. Moreover, a water-jetting device uses its pump to pressurize the water steam for cleaning concrete.

Alfred Harper
Alfred Harper

Alfred Harper is a former consultant and product expert at a company producing cleaning equipment. He was working at this position for more than 10 years and has gained incredible experience and knowledge as he has tested almost all pressure washers brands and models and became an expert in this field. Now, he is writing reviews and how-to articles about pressure washers and makes a great contribution to the Pressure Washers company to help people to choose the best cleaning equipment for home use.

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